Green Hop 2020 10/20

 Ernest Patersbier 4%

 We went a little off Piste with our 2020 Green hop offering & looked to produce an   interesting & sessionable beer.

 Belgian inspired & originally brewed by   Monks, Patersbier is style rarely seen   outside  Monastery walls..

 A simple blonde for everyday drinking . The   Belgian yeast adds a spice character. A   zesty,  dry finish with herbal hop aromas   thanks to the vibrant green, Ernest from   Hukin Hops in Tenterden.

 SOLENOID IPA 5%.  09/20

 A NorthDown Brewery & The Rag and   Bone Man collaboration beer which we   were super proud to have been involved   in.

Paul Firbank, The Rag and Bone man, thoughtfully rethinks & rethinks rare scrap metal into refined, bold and modern lighting, furniture and special commissions that celebrate the beauty in motor and engineering design.

This punchy IPA is packed with US hops, Mosiac, Simcoe & Chinook. Tropical, juicy this hazy IPA is packed with oats to give a delicious mouthfeel with mango & pineapple on the nose.

Solenoid was launched Friday 25th September to coincide with the Malle London Mile Beach Race. A weekend event for vintage Motorcycles being held on the Margate Main Sands.

The event was the ideal platform for us to launch the beer in our hometown.

Solenoid - the maze like channels found in automatic transmission gearboxes & the valves that control the flow of oil within them.