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NORTHDOWN LAGER - Lager (4.5%)

An unfiltered lager with herbal and citrus aromas to compliment a comforting bready malt backbone finishing with a satisfying snap of bitterness.


Hops - Sovereign

Sight - bright straw

Aroma - grassy, zesty citrus, bready

Taste - delicate, crisp, gentle bitterness


30L Keg

330ml Glass stubby

PALE ALE MARY - English Pale Ale (4.3%)

A classic English pale ale brimming with delicate orchard-like aromas and a deft balance between earthy hop bitterness and sweet rounded malt character.


Hops - Northdown, Brewers Gold, Bobek

Sight - light amber

Aroma - orchard fruit, floral, citrus

Taste - subtle bitterness, biscuity, crisp


9G Cask

30L Keg


*WINNER: Kent Beer of the Year: Taste of Kent 2020*

TIDAL POOL - Hazy Pale Ale (4.6%)

An immense stone fruit and zesty citrus hit from the hops working in harmony with the soft, oat-ladened malt body and fruity floral yeast esters finishing with a bright bitter snap.


Hops - Eclipse, Enigma, Ella, Vic Secret

Sight -  hazy, golden

Aroma - ripe tropical, floral, stone fruit

Taste - pithy citrus, juicy, bright


30L Keg

9G Cask

DUNE BUGGY - Table IPA (3.8%) (GF)

Our perfect beach beer. Brewed light and bright using the Norwegian yeast strain 'Kveik' to add complexity and aroma with Galaxy & Citra hops adding a burst of tropical fruity goodness to the party.    


Hops – Galaxy & Citra

Sight - hazy, bright straw

Aroma - herbal, zesty citrus, fresh

Taste - juicy, zippy, pithy bitterness


30L Keg

330ml Glass stubby

9G Cask

BITTER SEAS - Best Bitter (4.2%)

A moreish Best Bitter with a modern twist. Local Kent hops form the earthy, herbal base then dry-hopped with an aromatic dose of NZ hops. An effortless bitter-sweet structure makes for a perfect Ale.


Hops - Northdown, Fuggles, Pacific Jade, Rakau

Sight - rich amber

Aroma - floral, stone fruit, nutty

Taste - light toffee, fruity esters, dry balance


9G Cask

30L Keg

330ml Glass stubby

Californian IPA v2.png
Cali Ray Cali IPA 5.5%

A Californian - style IPA with a bright clean Pilsner malt ratcheted up with a heft dose of West Coast IPA piney resin bitter goodness &  a surge of New England IPA hop.

Hops -  Simcoe, Citra, Chinook, Azacca

Sight - Bright, straw

Aroma - piney, citrus, lychee

Taste - bright, tropical, bitter finish


30L Keg

9G Cask

330ml Glass stubby

Tidal Moon - Port Infused Stout (5.8%)

An indulgent stout infused with port and oak, brimming with dark chocolate, boozy cherry and a hint of vanilla tannins.

Hops -  Fuggles

Sight - Inky Black

Aroma - Cherry, dark chocolate, Christmas cake

Taste - Oak, dried fruits, vanilla spice


30L Keg

9G Cask

330ml Glass stubby

Squidly Diddly - Hazy IPA (5.8%)

A heady hop hit of Galaxy and Citra bringing the super-surge of tropical fruit flavours backed up with a pithy zest backbone.  New England yeast providing fruity esters and bags of wheat and oats bring that textbook softness and haze - an absolute dream to drink.

Hops -  Galaxy, Citra

Sight - Hazy

Aroma - Fruity, zesty

Taste - Tropical fruit


30L Keg

9G Cask

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